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You can buy the G5 Moto imminently in Spain

If you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, and your goal is to buy a good phone for its quality/price ratio, one of the best options that you’ll have this year is the G5 bike. Now its availability in Spain to buy now is imminent. The G5 bike is already on sale in Europe.

Sale in Europe

Each new version of this mobile aspired to become the new King of the middle range of each generation. With the purchase of Motorola by Lenovo, we thought that that would end. And in fact, so it seemed that it was going to happen when it said that mark bike would be used only for high-end mobiles. However, Lenovo could not miss the opportunity of launching another Moto G4. Its success was such that today’s bike has become the division of Lenovo mobile. And the G5 bike is the first mobile that has already been developed by Lenovo. A mobile phone which, once more, aspires to become the King of the middle range. It is already available in Europe. At least he made his appearance in the Netherlands, with a price of 200 euros for the most basic version, which fits with expectations. Soon to be available also in Spain.

Moto G5

Moto G5, soon in Spain

Its availability in Spain is already imminent. When the mobile, confirmed that it would be at the end of March would come when the G5 bike, but without a definite date. However, it would not be anything rare smartphone landed before, and that his arrival in stores and distributors either imminent.

Its price was already confirmed. The most basic version of the mobile will have a price of 200 euros and include a 2 GB memory RAM and a 16 GB internal memory. The truth is that the purchase of this version is not very logical considering the small difference that there are with the next higher version. And it is that for only 10 euros we would most buy the version with 3 GB of RAM.

In addition to this there is also a bike G5 Plus, which will include some improvements, an internal memory of 32 GB, and priced at 280 euros. But the mobile would not arrive until the second quarter of the year.

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