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New data of Xiaomi Mi 6 and different versions

Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to be without a doubt one of the Smartphones of the year. Xiaomi smartphone aims to compete with the great flagships of the 2017. It will probably be at the level of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but with a much lower price. More data Xiaomi Mi6, as well as different versions which will now arrives.

Xiaomi Mi 6, with a high quality camera

The first feature highlights of Xiaomi Mi 6 is that will be the new smartphone. In particular, it will be a camera with a Sony sensor. If it will be a dual camera or not is something that is still not very clear. But the novelty is that the sensor that count will be the recent Sony IMX400. This seems complex, because usually Sony always has exclusively for a few months with its highest level sensors. However, Xiaomi could have managed to reach an agreement with Sony.

Several versions

In addition, it seems that we will find different versions of Xiaomi Mi 6, and in addition there will be a notable difference between them. Contrary to what will happen with the S8 Samsung Galaxy and the Galaxy S8 Plus, whose differences will be reduced only to the screen, the case of Xiaomi Mi 6 will be similar to Xiaomi my 5s and my 5s Plus Xiaomi. In fact, it seems that there will be differences in the design of the two versions. And in addition, only the Plus version will feature dual camera, iPhone 7 Plus style.

Even so, the main difference is that one of the mobile will be small form factor, with a display of 5.1 inches, this, obviously, Xiaomi Mi 6, while another will feature a large-format, 5.7-inch display, this being 6 Plus my Xiaomi.

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