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How to activate the mode to one hand in the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. It is already on sale and has an infinite number of possible tricks that will improve the experience with the phone. One of the options, for example, is a single hand, something that will be especially useful because of the large screen of the phone mode. You will learn how to do it in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Mode to one hand of the Galaxy S8 shrinks the screen of the phone so that you can handle it with ease while you have your other hand busy. Activate it is simple and is available thanks to the layer of customization for Samsung Galaxy.

To do so will have to go to phone settings. Look for the section on advanced settings and click on it. Among the advanced settings you’ll find the option “mode a hand”. You turn on the switch that appears in the option to activate it whenever you want.

Modo a una mano

Once the phone settings are changed, you can aactivar one-handed mode by pressing three times on the Start button of the Samsung Galaxy S8. You can move from one side to another screen thanks to the arrows that appear on the sides when activated.

You can also make that you work by pressing the Start button and sliding your finger from the button to the side of the phone where you want appear the screen for use with one hand. This will only work, as well as the first option, if you previously activated mode from the settings of the phone.

Tricks Samsung Galaxy S8

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 allows endless possibilities. Yesterday I explained How to remove notices from the app on your home screen icons and or how hide applications in the phone. This last option can be useful in many cases. Simply open the drawer of applications, go on settings and select which applications installed in the phone like to hide. You will be able to make them visible whenever you want by repeating the same process.

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