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The Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to receive update in Europe

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly the mobile moment. Even with the recent launch of Xiaomi Mi 6, the flagship of Samsung is mobile reference in the high range. Now, the company has released an update that is beginning to reach the smartphones sold in Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 receives update

It is one of the first updates that it receives the Samsung Galaxy S8. That means that if you’re one of the lucky users who already have mobile, likely today or in a few days, you receive a notification that you report that there is an update of firmware available.¬†This update will come with some improvements or bug fixes.

Galaxy S8 Pantalla

But there is a feature which is key in the update, and that is something that some users have considered to be a defect, but in reality was not such. It is the reddish tint that seemed to be on the screen of the smartphone, and which was detected to see an image of white color in screen. Both Samsung as a Consumer Agency already explained that actually wasn’t such, was not a defect, but simply a setting in the configuration.

That is precisely a display adjustment of the color temperature of the screen which makes the white appear reddish, but that actually has a very simple solution. Maybe the calibration of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will take place that way looking for the appearance of the interface to fit better with the wallpaper with which company marketed the moving, or interface design which had been carried out. It is a decision that is taken in a group of developers and designers that, although can be very large, it is never as big as the mass of users who acquires mobile and which could finally show their preference with other configuration setting.

However, with this update, Samsung solves it and he has done a reset in the color temperature of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which should fit a little more with what users were searching for on the smartphone.

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