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How to avoid notifications to bother you at night

The impact of the light emitted by the phone altered the rhythm of sleep and prevents you from sleeping well. The phone has become an enemy of sleep but can also become an ally thanks to functions, tricks and applications that will make sleep easier. One of the main for …

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How to control the volume of the mobile from touch screen

Today, we will help you solve one of the everyday problems that we the users of smartphones. That hard time our small terminal of no more than 5 inches begins to complicate life with their first failures. Remove one of those mistakes today forward and give more life to our …

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AirDroid, how to connect fast smartphone and PC

Many users always have difficulties to pass data from one device Android to a PC with Windows operating system or Apple’s operating system, but this is no longer a problem thanks to the thousands of applications that exist in the store of google, which I would like to highlight today …

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How to delete all the audio that Google has recorded it

That Google stores many data users that use their services is something that is a reality that must be assumed for squeezing some of its services, as for example Now. But it is possible to delete the information Mountain View have the use that is given to users Android, including …

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How to install CyanogenMod 13 on the G3s LG and LG G2 Mini

If you have a LG G3s it is possible to install one of the most commonly used third-party ROMs worldwide: CyanogenMod. This development allows you to use Google’s operating system without hardly changes and also make the most possibilities of good hardware which includes the phone of which we speak. …

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