Wednesday , August 24 2016

The GIFs come to WhatsApp, although still not fully


Previously announced that the GIFs would land on WhatsApp, and is now, with the latest Beta version, that this type of image is now available. Speak of them images animated that fill Internet by all sites, that do not have audio, and that now finally can include also in WhatsApp. …

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The new Google emojis resemble more to the WhatsApp


I have always criticized the emojis of Google. In fact, not understand well why the different companies decided to design their own emojis following the patterns of Unicode, instead of copy them designed in a home. For example, all the world sees them emojis authentic as those who appear in …

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Pokemon GO is updated, but not is enough


Pokémon GO is updated to a new version which includes some relatively relevant novelty and which makes us think that soon to be more new things, but you just do not suffice to give incentives to the players to keep playing the game, which seems to go losing the impact …

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