Saturday , March 24 2018

Google Maps could soon include advertising


The App ID is not recognized. 🙁 #wpappbox There are many features that Google Maps has received recently. It seems that company has given a lot of importance to the application. And now we know why verdador. Apparently, Google Maps could soon include advertising. Nothing more and nothing less than …

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to receive update in Europe


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly the mobile moment. Even with the recent launch of Xiaomi Mi 6, the flagship of Samsung is mobile reference in the high range. Now, the company has released an update that is beginning to reach the smartphones sold in Europe. The Samsung Galaxy S8 …

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A prototype of Google Pixel 2 is on the loose


Google Pixel 2 it will be the new smartphone of high range, that the company will launch this year. Logical if we consider that last year launched successfully, the first mobile with its unique brand, Google Pixel. We now know that a prototype of the mobile is already circulating among …

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How to activate the mode to one hand in the Samsung Galaxy S8


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. It is already on sale and has an infinite number of possible tricks that will improve the experience with the phone. One of the options, for example, is a single hand, something that will be especially …

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The safer world phone will work with Android

John McAfee (CEO of security company) ensures that it will launch the phone more secure in the world, to be called “John McAfee Privacy Phone and that will be the largest device anti hacker ever made.” Although even their specifications are not known, it is known that the phone will …

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Google Pixel will have updates until October 2019


Google Pixel will have updates until October 2019. Google has unveiled that although new brand phones are expected for this year, the current Google Pixel will continue being updated and having support until October 2019. Rumors and leaks make to continue knowing more about the new Pixel phones expected this …

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will not launch, due to Xiaomi Mi Note 3


It was rumored the launch of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus next 6 Mi Xiaomi. It was not launched, and seems that it will not come. While the smartphone Yes has been a reality within the company, it seems that finally it was cancelled, due to the arrival of Xiaomi Mi Note …

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HTC emphasizes the sensitive edges of the new HTC U 11

The presentation of the new flagship of HTC is ready. HTC U 11 will be released on May 16 and the company has already launched a promotional video in which the sensitive edges touch that will bring the new phone are the protagonists. Sensitive edges HTC U 11, new flagship …

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