Saturday , October 1 2016

Will two watches Google receive October 4? Probably not


It seemed that October 4 would be the day that were going to get many new features from Google. And Yes, actually it will be so. But it also seems that one which would finally arrive will not be present in the event of the coming week. We talked about …

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How to disable AutoPlay of videos on Facebook


Like all social networks content current, Facebook also has the automatic playback of videos, with the aim of achieving that we stay with the application open, and devoting time to this. However, it true is that this not is it ideal if do not want to spend data. How can …

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Where is Xiaomi? Why not come to Europe?


Xiaomi has become one of the most important companies in the world of smart phones since it has a great balance in their quality/price ratio with smartphones. However, continue casting of less your arrival to Europe. Why Xiaomi not landed in our continent when other Chinese manufacturers are Yes coming? …

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Android Wear 2.0 is delayed until 2017


In summer it presented Android Wear 2.0, the new version of the system operating for watches smart. However, a final version has not reached officially devices because a launch expected before end of year, but it has not occurred, still only available version for developers. Now it has announced Android …

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Huawei Mate 9 will be presented on November 3rd in Munich


The Huawei Matt 9 is going to be one of them smartphones of the year. Already it said yesterday when talk of them features techniques with which would have this phone smart. And we talked about it when we mention when it would launch Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and the …

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How have WhatsApp unlimited completely free


WhatsApp calls are a great choice if we want to call without spending any money. However, some will be by hence say that actually not is so, but what we save in them calls of WhatsApp it spend in data. As well, if you are of which uses much the …

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