Sunday , December 4 2016

SwiftKey launches free all its topics customization


SwiftKey is one of the best-known and most famous keyboards for Android all that are available. Also, it is one of which it works best, and now it had also happened to be free with in-app purchase. However, they have announced that all personalization items now become also free. Free …

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Nokia again, with Android, and release date confirmed


Nokia returns to the market. It does so with Android as an operating system, and also does it with a release date confirmed, although approximate. Speak of the first quarter of the year 2017, by which began already to build of a way more firm the road for it turned …

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Xiaomi launches PatchROM, MIUI 8 in order to all mobile


Xiaomi wants your ROM, which is installed on all mobiles of the Chinese company, to be available not only in its smartphones, but also in the vast majority of smart phones on the market. By that has released PatchROM, a tool with which is may adapted MIUI 8 to all …

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New Pokémon GO radar comes to Spain


While the game has been abandoned by some users, as being one of the most successful in the history of smartphones. And a vital feature is now the game, that is the new Pokemon GO radar, one of the most anticipated since it was launched, and which is now already …

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Nokia D1C would come in two versions with these features


Keep coming data which will be the first smartphone of Nokia in the new era of the Finnish company which will finally land in the market of mobile phones with Android. The new phone would be the Nokia D1C. Smart phone would come in two versions. And these will be …

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OnePlus 3 receives the 7 Nougat Android Beta


OnePlus 3 is one of the motives of the year by its quality/price ratio. Now the smartphone is news because the Chinese company has announced the availability of the Beta of firmware OS Oxygen -based Android 7 Nougat, which means the arrival of the new version to your Smartphone. Android 7 …

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Google launches the redesign of the Google Play Store


Google has already started distributing the new design which had prepared for its app store, the well-known Google Play Store surely we all know. Store changes appearance already for the umpteenth time to spend having a design based on the cards that arrived in Google Now. New Google Play Store …

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