Sunday , March 26 2017

Google Duo could soon offer voice no video calls


Video calls are fine and blah, blah, blah… but the truth is that if we want a platform of calls to be really useful, it today has to offer us calls that consume little data, and that means that they are called voice, and not only video. That could soon …

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G5 Plus or Huawei P10 Lite bike, what to buy?


It is difficult to choose between one of the two mobile phones that could become the best options in the medium-high range smartphones market. Moto G5 Plus or Huawei P10 Lite, that is the question. What to buy of the two? Reasons to buy Moto G5 Plus Qualcomm processor: processor …

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Qualcomm processors radically change of name


They say that the name change is not particularly important, but the truth is that this change is shocking for a company whose name was synonymous with quality for users when it was present in a mobile phone. Now Qualcomm processors already not be called equal. In fact, already or …

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will use facial recognition to mobile payments

Can already go saying goodbye to fingerprint readers. Yes, they have been helpful, but could soon be replaced permanently by facial recognition, at least in the case of the Samsung Galaxy systems S8. The new mobile Samsung will feature three different user identification systems. Two of them known, one that …

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If you buy the G5 bike, choose the version of 3 GB of RAM


It seems impossible to really have to write about this, but it seems rarer is that Lenovo has decided to launch two versions of mobile with so few differences and priced so similar. Even so, if you buy the bike G5, you should buy the most advanced version. Buy the …

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Spotify could ignore the successes of the catalogue of free users


Spotify could give up its business model. Soon the music streaming platform could establish a differentiation in the catalog of music available for premium users, and for users of the free version. Labels and pressure Apple Music and Google Play Music could be the key. Spotify could give up its …

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Price of Neffos X 1 and Neffos X 1 Max, rival Moto G5


Time are new names in the smart phone market. It is the case of the arrival of TP-Link, known for its hardware for computers, has also been launching mobile. The latter are the Neffos X 1 and Neffos X 1 Max, two phones that come to compete with the G5 …

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 could record in super slow motion


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the motives of the year. It will be one of the best, and also one of which most will be sold. It will be presented at the end of this month, and we already know another new feature that could tell the smartphone. …

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