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Google Maps could soon include advertising

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There are many features that Google Maps has received recently. It seems that company has given a lot of importance to the application. And now we know why verdador. Apparently, Google Maps could soon include advertising.

Nothing more and nothing less than an application like Google Maps with advertising. Perhaps this could have expected it before apps like WhatsApp, finally and after we talked about much of this, but more complex that this came from the same Google Maps, we have used for many years without advertising was. However, there is a reality, and is that Google Maps is a service that comes from Google, whose profitability has always been based on advertising. In fact, it is the largest worldwide online advertising platform, so it is not strange to hear words like “Google” and “advertising” in the same sentence. Even so, we did not expect that it could be a story as it is.

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In fact, cannot be said that Google Maps has been a completely free monetization platform. Just think of the integration of different services on Google Maps, as the own über. Obviously, Google was left with a Commission from each transaction performed at these services, as well as the reservation and purchase of train tickets. But let’s say that this was not something that will modify the user experience. On the contrary, having access to all these services directly in an application was something that benefit the user.

However, he was himself CEO of Google, which has said that the monetization of Google Maps will be more optimized, because it is still not enough. This leads to few chances, one of them being the standard Google advertising, within the application itself. This would not benefit the users, as it is logical, because these would not bring you nothing see additional ads in the application. Nor would benefit them see restaurants in the first place with regard to others. But whatever it is, we must prepare ourselves for something likely. And it is that Google Maps, at some point, include advertising. Perhaps that is the reason why Google has not stopped releasing new features to the application, which plans would be to tell users that it is the application of maps and navigation more complete market, but at the same time also will have advertising in the future. One lime and one sand with Google Maps.

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