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Google Pixel will have updates until October 2019

Google Pixel will have updates until October 2019. Google has unveiled that although new brand phones are expected for this year, the current Google Pixel will continue being updated and having support until October 2019.

Rumors and leaks make to continue knowing more about the new Pixel phones expected this 2017. But Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are still the best device we could have now. Google launched the phones at the end of last year and now makes clear that they will continue to receive updates until the end of 2019. Until October 2019, specifically.

Google Pixel both Google Pixel XL will receive support until 2019, according to Google, but not necessarily be new versions of the operating system. The list of Google indicates that both Pixel as Pixel XL will receive security updates until October of 2019, date in which could launch a Google Pixel 3, following the logical rate of release of Google phone. Although this pass, Google Pixel would continue receiving patches, updates with improvements, solutions, etc.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL will receive updates of software until October 2018, exactly two years after the filing period. This means that Google phones will be upgraded to Android or but quite possibly this will be the last model of operating system that is installed in them.

Two- and three-years of updates is a good period of maintenance for phones, taking into account that the current flagship of the Mountain View will be obsolete in the Christmas of 2019. In addition, most users rarely spend more than three years with the same Smartphone. That Yes, those who are happy happy with the phone and want to keep it for many years, know that they can count on Google, security updates and improvements to the operating system.

Los Google Pixel son resistentes al agua

Google Pixel 2017

Although it is only rumors, are expected to be three devices that Google launched this year. Three new devices with codename Walleye, Muskie and Taimen. It is known that while Walleye would be the successor of Pixel XL that Muskie would be the successor of the current Pixel in Google. Speculations and rumours speak the third device of Google could be a tablet of the mark, completing the catalogue. Although not many details are known, are expected three devices carry a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. A chip that promises high performance and which already incorporate the new phones Samsung Galaxy S8 version for United States.  The company has not yet information about new phones, prices, or releases but the latest phones were presented during the month of October by what the Pixel 2 Google and Google Pixel XL 2 should be submitted also in October of this year.

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