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How will it affect the Samsung Galaxy S8 HARMAN purchase?

Today completed the purchase of HARMAN by Samsung. Some time ago we knew of this purchase but it is today when the process of acquisition of the company has complicated permanently. Now, how to will have repercussions on the Samsung Galaxy S8 purchase from HARMAN?

Best audio for the Samsung

On many occasions we have seen how a company acquiring another company much smaller for the developments of the latter. In general, there is a big difference between the buying company and the company is acquired. In fact, many times, acquired companies are short-haul, who have excelled in a particular field of technology. Example: Smart assistants (Siri), modular phone (PhoneBloks). But in the case of the purchase of HARMAN, the difference is not so great. Yes, Samsung is giant, but the HARMAN group was, and hence the price which has had to pay, eight billion dollars. And it is that HARMAN had a very important presence in the market of audio, being present almost in all fields with different brands.

In fact, initially believed that the purchase of the company could have aimed to improve the audio from the House of Samsung devices. It could be, but given the high level of HARMAN makes no sense-a purchase for something so simple. Now that the buying process is completed, already we can confirm officially that HARMAN will be present in all technological devices of the company. From television, to mobile phones.

HARMAN and the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature different improvements thanks to HARMAN. Three will be innovations in mobile that will have the seal of the company recently acquired by Samsung in an official way. Initially we will see that the audio software will be HARMAN. We saw something similar with the HTC and Beats audio.

However, it is very likely that mobile speakers have also been a development of HARMAN, or any of the brands of the group.

But the highlight will be without a doubt the headphones. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include headphones AKG quality. Lately, had developed in common that mobile phones increasingly include fewer accessories with your purchase. But it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature headphones, t with one of quality.

The article how will the purchase of HARMAN reverberate in the Samsung Galaxy S8? It was published in AndroidAyuda.

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