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If you don’t have space on your phone, you can download Messenger Lite

Facebook already has its Lite version, also Twitter released a Lite version. Although Facebook Messenger Lite, the reduced version of the chat of the social network already exists for a few months, now you can download it in Spain to save space on your Android mobile phone: is ten times less than the classical version.

Messenger Lite there is from a year ago but only worked, up to now, in five countries. Today Facebook announced that it expands the application to more than 150 countries. Among them, Spain. The Lite of the Facebook chat application is ten times less than the normal application. It is only 10 MB so installation is quick and simple and practically doesn’t take up space on your phone. The new app launched in Spain will allow to install Messenger on phones with smaller storage or a more basic range without make it go slower due to having the memory is full.

Functions that you can use in the Lite version of Messenger are not the same as in the classical version. There will be bubbles, you can not send pictures GIFs, you can not communicate with chatbots or you can make calls or video calls through this new app You can not access the new Messenger or Messenger camera day, the system of ephemeral content that premiered a few months ago Facebook in your chat.

Messenger Lite

It’s an interface much more easy, simple and suitable for any phone, including those who have lower range specifications or that are old and no longer supported the heavy updates of some apps. Messenger Lite will simply serve to communicate with your contacts via Facebook, chatting with them. Although, that Yes, you can send pictures, voice notes, and the famous stickers.

An application that arrives to fill a need but unadorned: chat with people that you can only communicate via Messenger or simply have it installed if you’re away from home, someone used that app to talk to you and want to know what have said. In addition to Spain, the app comes to Germany, Colombia, Italy, or Japan, among other 150 countries that continue to adding users to an app that already has over one billion users worldwide.

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