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A prototype of Google Pixel 2 is on the loose

Google Pixel 2 it will be the new smartphone of high range, that the company will launch this year. Logical if we consider that last year launched successfully, the first mobile with its unique brand, Google Pixel. We now know that a prototype of the mobile is already circulating among developers.

Google Pixel 2

It seems that Google would be working on three different devices that would be launched this year, or at least have been among the plans of the company. Will three receive? It is not clear if it will be so. Although he speaks again of two versions of the flagship, one with a larger screen and other with a screen with a slightly smaller size. The third device of Google could be a tablet. But in reality we don’t know it. All we have are three different names. Names that, as it has happened in the past, are inspired by sea creatures.

Google Pixel

Thanks to that name, today we know that a developer of Google has been testing an application in one of those new phones that the company would launch, the “Walleye”. A name that doesn’t tell us much, but it would be one of the smartphones, and not that possible tablet.

The only relevant piece of information we can get from the fact that this smartphone is real, is that when being being used to test an app, mobile is already final. I.e., we will not see a smartphone with components that are coming, but that the Smartphone is fully defined, and sooner or later release would depend on rather a question of marketing, and software – because at the end and the Google out you want to promote your new version of Android — that of the fact that the smartphone is ready to be or not released to the market.

Whatever it is, it seems that at least it will launch a new Google Pixel 2. Probably its launch will occur sometime during the month of September or October.

The article a Google Pixel 2 prototype loose anda was published in AndroidAyuda.

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