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How to transcribe voice to text from your mobile Android

Recording the University (or the Institute) classes, conferences, meetings or press conferences or interviews is a fairly common practice by many people. Recording allows to listen it to a and again not to lose detail but also becomes a work extra: you have to transcribe the recorded later, investing more …

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This app tells you what is the best day to wash your car

You’re not the only one who believes that when you wash your car, it rains. It is a quite common belief. The vehicle in question is shiny to get dirty just one day after… A problem that is repeated for years but who already has a solution: an application that …

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What’s new with Apple Music 2.0 for Android inspired by iOS 10

Apple Music, music for Cupertino devices service, just updating your application for Android to Apple Music 2.0 version. The new version for the Google will have the same design and appearance that already looks for months in iOS. The application will be displayed now tidier, with more features and will …

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Get only the VIP calls ring on your phone with Selective Silence

Calls are the basic function of any mobile phone, whether or not smart. However, it is very overwhelming to hear constant apps notifications tones, WhatsApp entries and even those unknown phone calls. It is at the time of saturation when you decide to silence the phone, but remember you can …

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