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You can now use the “giant” WhatsApp emojis

We said do not much that would soon become the “giant” WhatsApp emojis, the style of the beating heart that it appears when we send a single emoji’s heart, but the truth is that the new emojis won’t be exactly so. Yes, the emojis will be larger, but it will not be like the heart. And its size may vary.

Larger Emojis

The emojis are going to grow, but not too much, or at least not as much as we thought. Based on the emoji in the heart, that when it is sent independently shown beating and in large format, we believed that the giant emojis would be similar, and when we sent a single emoji would appear in large format. But it won’t be so, actually. Yes it is true that the emojis are larger, but not both. Specifically, the emojis size will depend on the number of these that we send. A single emoji will do is send in the largest size possible. Two emojis are shipped in a size something more small. Three emojis will be even smaller, but something larger that normal, and four or more emojis are sent in their conventional size.

Emoji Risa

In addition, if these emojis are accompanied by text, regardless of the amount of emojis, and regardless of the amount of text (a single space could be worth), will be shown in its standard and conventional size.

Moreover, the emoji’s heart will continue to appear in a completely different way when we send it independently, in a large format, and beating. So it will be one of the few special emojis that stand out for having a differently from others.

That Yes, to already use these emojis, first you’ll have to download the latest Beta version of the application, which is the 2.16.258. If it is an older version will not appear yet the emojis with this size.

The article already use the emojis “giant” whatsapp was published in AndroidAyuda.

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