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The emojis giant come to WhatsApp, so is how those can use

The giant emojis are already on WhatsApp. Announced some time ago, when we saw them appear on any Beta. However, now already are available in the version official of the application. So is how operate these new icons giant that now form part of the application.

Giant icons

At the moment, that Yes, there is to say that these icons can be used only in the latest version of the official application for iPhone. I.e., they are not available yet for Android, but taking into account that they have come to the official version for iOS, it is expected to arrive soon to the final version for Android, without having to go even for any other Beta.

These icons Giants are similar to one that already had seen in the app. For example, when you send a single red heart, this is sent in larger than. That will happen now with all the emojis we send, if and when we send a single emoji. If we accompany you any more emoji, or text, it will be shown in standard size.

Emoji Risa

Goodbye to complete lines of emojis

One of the objectives of WhatsApp with this novelty could be put an end to the long lines of the same emoji sent by many users. Seems that if we are going to laugh, us laugh more when use many emojis of the carita laughing is that when use one only. And many more use, more we laughed. It will now be completely to the contrary, if we use a single emoji, this will be shown in a larger, and therefore, it will be a most remarkable emoji, that will allow us to transmit, without having to write a lot of emojis.

Let us hope that this function does not take long to reach the final version of WhatsApp for Android. Probably I will soon if we take into account that already available on iOS, and that it is logical that both users of a platform and the other can use equal the app, because if not communication it wouldn’t make much sense.

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