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Xiaomi Mi MIX could also come in white color

He Xiaomi my MIX was actually the launch more surprising that took place yesterday Xiaomi, although also became the My Note 2. Its design is spectacular, novel, which so far have not seen in the market, and it seems it could also do a version of white.

Great design, now also in white

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi my MIX is one of the best mobile occurred in recent times, and one of the few who have something really novel. He phone smart could have is advance to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and to the iPhone 8 with a mobile in which the bezels almost not exist. And as is logical, want that that design continue to have success. For this, they would have prepared also a white version.

The White is a great choice for this smartphone, because is made in ceramic, and the just ceramic in white is really nice. Taking in has that the Xiaomi my MIX is will launch in an Edition limited, is logical that the company wants to then follow promoting the mobile with a second version in another color, capturing again the interest of the users. The photography that you have then is which we would show the phone smart in that new color.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Color Blanco

Xiaomi my MIX, a step forward in the design

I must say that I am of those who think that mobile phones with Android have always had a less care than the iPhone design. If this changed at some point was with the Samsung Galaxy S7, mainly in its Edge. For me that mobile already brought a radical change in this idea that was. Later came the iPhone 7 Plus in their shiny black color and felt me really nice. Although I must say, that later, with the mobile phone in hand, I have taken me a disappointment by seems to me plastic rather than a metal polishing. However, me has surprised that the mobile that has gotten hallucinate me is the Xiaomi my MIX. Its design in ceramic, with a screen that covers almost all the front, and with all the details very care me has similar incredibly nice. Then you have a prepared image which would look would be how about the mobile white.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Blanco Creación

In my opinion, the black version is still more shocking, because Interior screen frames would not be even with the screen turned off, the result would be simply amazing. However, the option in white also could be very interesting for those who prefer this version.

Article El Xiaomi Mi MIX might also color white was published in AndroidAyuda.

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