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The Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the first with reader optical of fingerprint fingerprint

He reader of fingerprint fingerprint, that element that came to revolutionize them smartphones and that today not is more than an element to which you seek any utility really practice. Supposedly is more secure that slide to unlock the screen, but not is so practical. Is by that that is still improving in this field, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the first smartphone in include a reader optical of fingerprint fingerprint.

New generation fingerprint reader

Already we have seen different types of fingerprint readers. We have seen them best and worst. We have seen them on the front of the phone, and in the rear section. Even in the framework of the smartphone. However, it true is that these readers of fingerprint fingerprint just generating problems in their operation, dan errors, and not read well the fingerprint with the step of the time by the deterioration of the same. Assumes that the ultrasonic readers could solve this problem, and my Xiaomi 5S already includes one of this type. And we thought that it would be the case of the new flagship of Samsung, but not. Now comes new information that us says that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will count with a reader of fingerprint fingerprint optical, that would be best that the ultrasonic, more precise and more fast. And to the be optical, not is can mess and let’s run of form correct.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

To all this there that add that this is could locate also in the glass, well is in the housing front, or in the housing rear, by what is integrated perfectly in any design that is wants to perform.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This feature is added to the list of new features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 we already know. The smartphone would also count with a new generation processor and a RAM that would reach at least the 6 GB. Also, your screen could improve to the resolution 4 K, still a great novelty this same. All by not talking of that said panel would be curved both in them ends side as in the end higher, to the style of the Xiaomi my Mix, although with curve in them ends.

Your camera also would improve, in search of a dual camera with which to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei Mate 9. For now, it seems that the most likely release date is February, during the Mobile World Congress 2017. Users who have purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could receive an offer to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S8 easily.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 article would be the first reader with optical fingerprint was published in AndroidAyuda.

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