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The Moto M would go to 300 euros with 4 GB of RAM and MediaTek helium P15

A mobile complicated, that is what will be the Bike M. It is not easy to locate it in the Middle, but not in the high-end range. Some of its features include, others do not shine especially. That is the bike M. And that means several things. One of them is that could be the perfect phone.

Or you hate it or love it

Your opinion about this motive cannot be intermediate. Is very simple, or you love, or you hate. Any other thing does not have any logical. Say this because the smartphone has with a series of features that only you put like if is exactly what you are looking for. For example, any that thinks in buy a motorcycle, even one of range basic, it makes thinking that this will be with a processor Qualcomm. As well, it is not the case of the Moto M, which will be the first processor MediaTek. Perhaps that is why precisely the name motorcycle M. That Yes, will not be any chip, but the new MediaTek helium P15, a medium-high level, with a good performance, although optimized for spend a little battery. If you already is difficult to understand how much or processors of high level of the Chinese company, one that is not designed to be the most powerful, but to be which has a more balanced consumption of battery. And to understand the level of this smartphone, only there that think in that the memory RAM will be of 4 GB. This does not is own of the range average.

Moto M

More about the Moto M

In addition to the above, we also know that the smartphone will feature a screen with a resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, although we don’t know exactly what will be the size of the screen. However, it should add a internal memory of 32 GB, which complete a mobile which should not give even a single problem in performance. We must not forget also the fact that the smartphone will feature a range of Microsoft applications, such as Office, OneDrive or Skype, that will come already installed on the smartphone as a result of an agreement between Lenovo and Microsoft.

That Yes, recently it has been argued that the mobile will come with a price of $ 295 that probably would be about 300 euros on arrival in Europe. A somewhat expensive price, arriving only justified by the inclusion of the fingerprint reader, and the metallic design, which makes it differ from the Moto G4. You would choose in expectation of seeing what is the performance which gives us the MediaTek helium P15, and what is the range that would be this mobile.

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