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The Samsung S3 Gear will feature high-level sporting functions

This month it will introduce the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In fact, will be presented officially tomorrow itself. However, the coming month will present the brand new smart watch company, the Samsung S3 Gear. As it seemed, it wasn’t going to have a lot of new features, but finally it seems that Yes it will feature advanced functions of sport.

Advanced sports watches

The Samsung S3 Gear will be a smart watch that will include sports advanced features. This will be the next big thing between this new smart watch and the Samsung S2 Gear. There will be three special features that we had not seen in earlier clocks. Present will be an altimeter, barometer and also GPS, thanks to which the clock will know speed at which we move, and this will be key to have more data on our physical activity.

I.e., its objective will be to compete with sports watches from brands specializing in sport. We’ll see if it is enough both to be a truly smart watch, and be a sports watch.

Samsung Gear S2 Portada

Competing with the Apple Watch 2

Surprisingly, one of the objectives of this Samsung Gear S3 will be the getting rival Apple Watch 2. The new Apple watch already came to try to become that perfect sports watch. Did in the first version, but the second version could arrive with news.

A complex market is in which we are watches very oriented to the world of sport, and on the other hand very oriented to the technological world watches. It is clear that a convergence between both worlds is ideal, but that is quite complex, and this is precisely the work of Apple and Samsung, get smart watches that is sports, and at the same time useful. Will they get it with the Samsung S3 Gear?

The Samsung S3 Gear item will have sports functions of high level was published in AndroidAyuda.

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