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Adjusts the color in your Android very easily

The operating system Android hides inside more surprises than many believe. Apart from possibilities as which screen rotate automatically show the user interface, there is the option to change the way in which are displayed the colors on the panel, and in this way, you can adjust in the best possible way according to the tastes of the owner.

, And all this is possible to achieve this without installing any additional application, since the menu Accessibility of the settings of the terminal in question (either a phone or tablet), is where the necessary options are available. That Yes, depending on the device that is have can appear nothing more enter in the mentioned paragraph or, as occurs in TouchWiz from Samsung, find is in a paragraph specific within place in which is all available.

Opción accesibilidad en Android

An example of which they say is the so-called option Text of high contrast , which increases this characteristic of the letters that are displayed on the screen (even look something larger), allowing easy viewing in dark places. Thus, activating the corresponding slider, change the settings and now can be view the effect in question (and, if not convinced, go back).

Two most interesting options for your Android

There are two more possibilities are interesting in what it has to do to the display in the section on the accessibility of terminals Android settings. The first is the action of invert the colors, with her if the item that has the terminal is very clear, will be dark by the chosen process. This, in addition, tires less view, so it may be positive even though we talk about an experimental option for the moment.

How to configure the colors of the LED on your Android phone to your liking

The second is the one called Correction of the color , and is also experimental. To activate it using the corresponding slider that appears when entering the section with the name mentioned, you can select the correction mode which can be from red/green to a yellow blue. The results can be seen with the naked eye, and are fully reversible.

Opciones Accsibilidad
Inversión contraste en Android

Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where we are sure to find one that you find it useful.

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