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You can access more detailed statistics of your battery using Google

The battery and its autonomy is something that has always bothered a lot by users over time in what has to do with smartphones. They have little autonomy, and improve it always has been something key. However, the truth is that it is not easy to be able to improve the autonomy of a smartphone. In any case, at least now we can access a large amount of data on the use of our batteries thanks to Google. How to access this data from Google about our battery?

Google and the battery data

Obviously, the main interested in improving the autonomy of the battery on Android smartphones is Google, and so that it has a tool that we can send an error report from our Android that will generate a full graphic with detailed statistics of the use of the different Android phones, thanks to a so-called tool battery Battery Historian. We can access these data. However, getting it is not something simple, that we are going to explain now how you can achieve it step by step.

USB Type-C

1 create an error report

It is very possible that once you’ve found in your mobile with the possibility of sending some report error to Google when an error has occurred in the smartphone. Hardly anyone actually sends it, because he thinks that it will not be anything useful. Finally and after all, this is only useful to Google, only if sending mass and all users send it, and we will never receive a response. With luck, in the future will come an update that solves the problem of our smartphone. With good luck.¬†However, in this case it is necessary to send an error report to access Battery Historian, so let’s see how we can send this waste report. Therefore you have to go to development, in settings options (if you don’t have it enabled, go to settings > phone info and press more than seven times in build number). Development options will first have to activate the USB debug option, and once activated this option go to create errors report, which is one of the first options.

If you have a mobile phone, which does not appear this option, as it could be a Xiaomi, you can not access Battery Historian.

2 upload the error report to Battery Historian

We will then proceed to send this error report to the Google database so that Google can use these data in the future to improve the energy use of your smartphone. That is the real function of Battery Historian. In our case, is simply use it to access such data. The website of Battery Historian is an IP address, but here we will have to upload the file that we have downloaded when you click Create bug report. Now click on Submit, and already.

3 analyzes Battery Historian

Below you will find a full report in which we will see the different uses of energy of our smartphone in each of the categories. Since the CPU usage, the kernel, etc. An advanced user you can find here many data and can determine what is happening with your mobile phone when you are spending lot of battery recently. A line of black color does not display the percentage of the battery and how it has been declining with the passage of time. Perhaps we can locate much activity in a particular category, and we can thus locate a failure that is occurring in our mobile.

Whatever it is, it is a tool to take into account when for some reason our smartphone spend more battery than we expect.

Access more detailed statistics of your battery thanks to Google the article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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