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The price of the Google Pixel will depart the 749 euros in Europe

Remember the Nexus released the year last? They were good smartphones, and we can even say that the value of smart phones that were released last year under the Google brand was quite interesting. This year the Google Pixel are of high level. But its price is also typical of high-end mobile phones. The price of the Google Pixel will depart the 749 euros in Europe.

More expensive here than in the United States

The Google Pixel have presented today in the United States, in the event that the company has held to launch its new smartphones. There is has affirmed officially that its price break of them $649, a price that probably corresponds to the version more small of them two mobile, which has a screen of 5 inches, and also to the version that has with a memory of 32 GB. I.e. a from there would go over some supplements for purchasing the XL version, and also for purchasing the 128 GB memory version.

Lateral del Google Pixel plateado

However, compared to the price that the Google Pixel have in Europe, that could be up to cheap. And it is here, and more specifically in Germany, the Google Pixel will depart the 749 euros. That means a significantly higher price. Not only is that not apply a currency exchange fair, because the euro is worth more than the dollar, but that also your climbing in 100 figure of the price, when we were usually accustomed to a direct conversion of figure.

Is it worth paying that kind of money?

Honestly, I feel difficult to affirm that it is worth purchasing the most basic Google Pixel by such a high price. Why? Because because today can get a performance similar, with a camera similar, that are the two features that more stand out, with a screen better, and with a design of high level, with screen curve, acquiring for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Google Pixel en los tres colores: azul, plata y negro

Will it reach Spain?

But worst of all this is that still we have a big doubt, and if the price of the Google Pixel we really matter, because it is possible that the smartphone will not even Spain. Not be has announced its launch in our country, probably because Google Assistant, an of them features more notable of the mobile, not is available in Spanish, but only in English and German. Of being so, is possible that the mobile not land in our country, at least not until within a time.

The article he price of them Google Pixel will depart from them 749 euros in Europe is published in AndroidAyuda.

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