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daydream View, probably best market virtual reality goggles

Good design, good features, all it needed to operate, and released by the same company that develops the platform of reality virtual, would could be best? Well probably not. Why the Daydream View are probably glasses improvements in virtual reality which will be available in the market, at least until other manufacturers achieve something similar.

daydream View

The new Daydream View are virtual reality that Google has presented for use with smartphones that are already compatible with Daydream platform which was presented at Google I/o 2016. At the moment, only the Google Pixel are already compatible with this platform, but the company claims that there are many more mobile that already have the possibility of being compatible with it, so we can actually expect to have much future.

Vista superior de las Daydream View y mando a distancia de color gris

New design

We are talking about a new design when in reality they are the first Daydream View that launches Google. However, say this according us of the Google Cardboard, the first glasses of reality virtual that launched the company, that actually not were rather than a design in carton, and is could build buying some elements very economic. In this case no longer as well. We find ourselves with a design completely renovated, and optimized. With a tape to adjust sunglasses after our head. With a lock so that the phone won’t fall, and finish fabric that also will be available in three colors. The glasses also include connectivity to connect to the smartphone.

Remote control

In addition to this, the Daydream View include a remote control that you can use to control mode to interact with applications as well as control of games. Let us note that in reality the Daydream View act as a screen, so that the remote control is essential. It is simple, with two buttons and a touch pad. In addition, it is small, and not to lose it, you can save it inside the glasses when we no longer use them.

Gafas de realidad virtual Daydream View con mando a distancia de color gris claro

More than virtual reality

These Daydream View are more than virtual reality goggles, and this is how Google has presented it. We can use them also to view Netflix movies or Youtube videos as if we had before us a surround TV. Ended having to watch TV on a screen we have opposite. We will only have to put a sunglasses like these to watch a movie, and no matter if we are at home, or if we are traveling by bus.

Availability and price

The Daydream View will come in the month of November with a price of 79 dollars, and will be available in three colors: grey, light grey, and Garnet. At the moment, that Yes, we don’t have an official release date or a price for the rest of the regions who are not United States, although it is very likely that these glasses that reaches Europe.

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