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Download Pixel Launcher, exclusive the Google Pixel Launcher

The Google Pixel arrived today in two versions, the standard Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL. One of its most identifiable characteristics is the Launcher included, offering us a unique experience in the use of Android. In principle, it will be exclusive of these smartphones, but perhaps in the future you reach other Android. But as you might expect, we can already get it. Download Pixel Launcher and install it in your Android thanks to its. apk.

Pixel Launcher exclusive

If there is anything that characterizes the new Google Pixel with respect to other mobiles with Android or with respect to other Nexus, that has been the search engine company has decided to offer us a renewed and only on these smart phones use experience. It gets thanks to its launcher. The new launcher of these smartphones is exclusive. Although Google has not confirmed whether it will later mobile and have said that they are considering that this may happen in the future, it is also true that that don’t care about the least, because the fact that I will be available or not in Google Play is not relevant. At the end, and after all, we talked about Android, and we only need the .apk to install the Pixel Launcher.

Google Pixel en los tres colores: azul, plata y negro

Download Pixel Launcher

Who believed that not would be possible install the Pixel Launcher by not being available in Google Play? Because no one, and probably not in Google it believe. In fact, until other launchers have had time already of imitate the appearance, the interface and the experience that us offers Pixel Launcher.

However, if you want the original, all you must do is download Pixel Launcher. As always, the .apk file will have to transferred to your smartphone memory, locate it in this and run it. You may have turned on the option of origins unknown so the application without problems, can be installed because that does not come from Google Play.

Download Pixel Launcher

Some functions are not active

That Yes, we must keep in mind some things, like the fact that one of the keys to the Google Pixel is Google Assistant. This not only intelligent wizard isn’t available next to the Pixel Launcher, but it also only works right now in English and German, so it would not be useful to be included. However, at least it will have icons, and the appearance of Pixel Launcher.

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