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Spend you 50 euros and buy you a mobile best

Rare time this statement is erroneous. In general, users look for cheaper mobile possible. Sometimes try to convince is to themselves themselves of that a particular smartphone will be the best, the ideal. Can you try to convince them otherwise, but you won’t get it ever. However, if you are in that frame of mind, in the of having to buy a mobile phone, and not knowing what to do, spend $ 50 and get a better mobile.

Beam case recommend you who if you think that you know

Usually, always there is someone that knows something of mobile, and that receives all the questions of all their friends and family about what smartphone buy. This is a great responsibility, because the truth is that you can recommend a good mobile and sometimes find that that was not the ideal mobile for his friend, with final recrimination of this by making a bad recommendation. Is as is, one of them tips that always give those to which us touches have that recommend a mobile is the of spend is 50 euros more to get a mobile best. A Council which, incidentally, do not tend to like welcomes you.

If you have a friend that knows something of mobile and you advised this, make you case. You can not speak of a better phone or a mobile worse. Depends of the generation of each mobile, of what you are looking for, of the mobile that have, and of which can buy. Thus, many times unique good recommendations are those making someone who you’ve said everything you expect from the smartphone. Neither we, nor any expert can recommend a phone better than someone who knows something about mobile and who knows you.

Moto G4 Plus

Do not rely on the of the shop

However, that does not mean that you have to rely on the store that tells you that you buy a particular mobile because it is better. Keep in mind that the one in the store can have a bonus for selling a certain number of mobile of a brand, may have a surplus of a mobile in particular, or may simply want to sell a mobile phone that will earn more margin. Your friend or family member, knows when he recommended a mobile has a danger before it, the mistakes. The store does not. Make case to your family or friend? Yes. To the of the store? Lol

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