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Continue to the probe Juno that has arrived to Jupiter from your Android

One of the major scientific events of this summer is the arrival Juno probe to Jupiter . After five years of travel uninterrupted arrives the moment of start with a scan advanced of what offers one of them planets more unknown and dangerous that there is in the system solar. As well, all what you can find and follow from your Android.

It true is that Juno already is orbiting around the huge planet that have commented and, of this form, is has completed the first apart from the mission that began in the year 2011. Now, this ingenuity that has dimensions close to a soccer court room and is not manned will begin to send information – as for example high resolution images – of the gaseous planet that has a really high radiation.

Sonda Juno en Júpiter

The importance of the Mission of Juno is much more of what is can think. Apart from accurate data on Jupiter that get, keep in mind that the majority of the extrasolar planets that have been found also are gaseous, so it is an excellent cornerstone for the future of space exploration. A curious fact: the essential Jupiter’s composition is the same as the offering stars, such as helium and hydrogen.

Follow him from your Android

The mission not manned that has to Juno as protagonist runs by features of the NASA , USA and, luckily, Aerospace Agency option is to know first-hand what happens when reviewing Jupiter. For this, simply you must download you your application (with them image that there are after the last paragraph) and access both to the space dedicated to this event as the channel of TV where is can see some videos of the arrival to the orbit or of what is recording the probe.

Misión de la sonda Juno en NASA

If not want to do this with an application, in this link can go to the web of the NASA and also know what has happened and happens with Juno. There are also sections with data How is the probe and the plans that there is for it (who do not have a time limit, since it feeds on solar panels). Other applications that have to see with the space them can know here.

WP-Appbox: NASA App (Free, Google Play) →

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