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4 reasons to buy one of those new Nexus of the 2016

If are thinking in buy a new smartphone this year 2016, can that still be a good idea wait to them mobile that are by arrive, and more specifically to them new mobile of Google, the new Nexus that will land this year 2016. And here are 4 reasons to justify what you say, why wait for the new Nexus of 2016.

1 Android

There are users who buy the new iPhone every year. Well, maybe there are also users who buy every year the new Nexus. And the truth is that the fan factor is a factor to consider. Always follow a same philosophy with its software, with its interface, and could be perfect for those users. In fact, after using for a long time a mobile phone with an interface almost Stock, indeed happen to use Xiaomi MIUI is very strange. Can be a reason to choose a Nexus, the fact of is a mobile that count with Android 100%.

Nexus 6P Portada

2. the best balance

Rare time we have found with a Nexus that compete by being the best mobile of the market. It is now 6 GB RAM memories. They spoke then of memories RAM of this capacity. However, came Google and launched the flagship with a 3 GB RAM memory. Who better than Google knows how Android works with a particular RAM? Not is simply add components by improving the mobile at the level of marketing. It is launching a mobile balanced in all its technical features. And that is something that we find in the Nexus. Not is the mobile more advanced of the market, but perhaps Yes the more balanced. A mobile in which you can forget of the memory RAM, of your processor, of your screen, and of your camera. You know what they’re buying is a mobile high quality, albeit in a balanced level.


We can not forget that they are not the most expensive mobile market. A few generations ago Google released the Nexus with some incredibly good prices, as they were the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. That has been lost with the Nexus of the new generation. In addition, prices that have smartphones on their arrival in Europe are remarkably expensive, which leads us to think of other options always. However, they are still mobile that they do not exceed in price to the other large flagships of the market, and sometimes have a somewhat lower price than these, even in Spain, albeit narrowly. There are also offerings that can make them interesting. And we cannot rule out that at some point Google decides to change its policy so much price for the Nexus, returning to its strategy of a few years ago, or at least bring them to Spain with a somewhat more just change.

Nexus 6P Dorado

4 updates

We arrived at one of the most important factors for purchasing a mobile Nexus. Updates. And it is that if you buy a Nexus, you know that not only will you get with the latest version of the operating system, perhaps being one of the first to have that version, as it would be in the case of 7.0 Android Nougat, but you also know that it will be the first to upgrade to the new version of the operating system when it is released. You’ll have the latest operating system updates, and the latest features coming for this, which will certainly be something to see, and more without being anything clear what are smartphones that will be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. To the end and at the end, buy a Nexus always is synonymous of be buying the mobile more updated of the market.

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