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Rooting your Android is no longer as necessary as years ago

Years ago, rooting an Android mobile was posed almost any user. It gave you many options in customizing your smartphone. Today it is not so necessary. Between the ROMs for the manufacturer, and improvements in the operating system, root an Android mobile is not as essential as some years ago.

Many more customization options

Years ago, mobile root needed to add many more customization options to the mobile. Still today the rootearlo have more options than if not the rooteamos. However, many manufacturers have integrated more customization options for your mobile phone, and even give the option to change the design of the graphical interface through themes. That was not the case years ago, but today are more and more mobile phones that integrate this feature. We even find some modifications that previously only could perform to the root the phone, as the color bar on the battery on the top section of the screen, already integrated in some series smartphones.

Android Logo

Android is much improved

But in addition to that, Google has greatly improved its operating system for mobile root is no longer needed. There are many new options in the operating system that were not previously present. They are above all options for developers, allowing them to that apps that could previously only be used with a mobile rooted, as it could be a launcher in particular, or a screen lock app, can now be used in the operating system without rooting thanks to new APIs that have been integrated.

With the advantages that has the non-root the phone, as the facility to update the mobile when a new official version, today the root option becomes a very expendable option.

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