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Download and install the new version of Google Maps 9.31 for Android

If you’re that regularly use the Google Maps application, there is good news for you since it is possible to download a new version of this development. We speak in principle of what looks like a trial version, but it is not clear that this is trial version. The case is that Google Maps 9.31 is a reality, and offers interesting new features that are very positive for the users.

A curious detail is that, initially, the version of the APK you can download seemed to belong to the Beta of the development of the Mountain View company, but some users who are not given high have indicated that they have already received the update from Play Store. Therefore, it is possible that Google Maps 9.31 is a final version. Regardless of this, try it offers remarkable progress.

Logo Google Mapas con fondo azul

One of the most important is that, for the first time, this APK can be installed without problems on trial versions of Android N , it seems quite clear that already have all more or less prepared while the new iteration of the operating system comes in its final version. Make this possible Android N developer versions ranging from the first to the fourth. The importance of this detail is that Google Maps 9.31 considered backbone by the company, indicating that everything is about to.

Other news in Google Maps 9.31

One that many users were waiting for was the return of this development at Android Wear . And this has occurred. The reasons for the availability disappearance weren’t nothing clear, but the case is that with the new version of the application of Google returns to the possibility to make use of the work from the smart watches.

There are two new features are important. The first is that now in Google Maps 9.31 added torque support offline maps you can store in the SD card, by freeing the device’s internal storage space. This is very convenient, since not very powerful terminals we are talking about a setting that “Save” the life more than one. An excellent choice.

Interfaz de línea de tiempo en Google Maps 9.31
Editar línea de tiempo en Google Maps 9.31

The second novelty is a notable cosmetic change in the timeline of movements that have been made with the help of the development. Now in Google Maps 9.31 a cleaner space can be and has been reorganized both the title and some positions atos displayed. By the way, that now included an Edit icon at the top (with the usual form of pencil) resulting from the most useful.

Download of the Google Maps 9.31 installation APK is in this link , where the files that e achieves must be pressed to start the process on a regular basis, and the only thing that you must do, is to enable unknown sources. Then, just follow the wizard that appears on the screen. Other applications for Google’s operating system are available in this section of Android support.

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