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How to add the Always-On screen on any Android device

It is possible that you may know a friend who has a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a LG G5 and the inclusion of the screen Always-On is one that is more attractive. This possibility is not very common in Android devices, but thanks to an application you can add easily to enjoy all its benefits.

What is enabling Always-On screen? Then, basically, show on the panel of the phone or Android tablet – when it is on standby – information as time or nearby appointments in time without having to activate the component. This, on the one hand, allows to reduce energy consumption, since it is drawn is not very demanding in monochrome. In addition, you can access basic information in a very simple way (since, even, it is possible to display the pending view notifications).

Glance Plus para Android

A detail to take into account: the idea of Always-On screen of Motorola . If you read correctly. The Active Display functionality, which is how it is called, is starting in the Moto X until the aforementioned high-end models introduced it this year. Therefore, merit should be giving it to this company.

You must use an application

Free development that download shop Play Store should be used to add screen Always-On to Android devices. The name of this is Glance Plus and you can get it by using the image that we leave after this paragraph. That Yes, must meet the minimum requirements that: Android 4.3 or higher and 12 MB of space free, nothing really demanding

WP-Appbox: Glance Plus (Free*, Google Play) →

The installation has no complication and, once that runs and is given the permissions – and activated the use by the slider at the top right-, begins to use as normal and Always-On screen automatically appears. That Yes, has of lot of options that all of them are very interesting. Then I leave which I think are most interesting (all configurable settings):

  • Show notifications, access to it by clicking on them
  • Gesture recognition to manage what is displayed on the screen Always-On
  • Management of sensors according to events that are
  • It is possible to disable the development when the device battery is low

Glance Plus para Android

Before the end, it is important to indicate that the consumption of battery on models with LCD panels is noticeably superior to which include one SuperAMOLED , by which the use of Glance Plus models with this type of screen is recommended. Other works for Google’s operating system you can find at this link for Android help.

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