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Pokemon GO will be the double of candies this week

The candies have become an essential element of Pokémon GO. In fact, part of the growth of any user and their Pokémon. As well, during this week that arrives, and specifically from the Wednesday, can get the double or more candies with each one of those processes.

Gaining more candies

Candies in Pokemon are the key. If we want our Pokemon evolves, we need candy to make them evolve. If we want our Pokemon to be stronger, we also have to use these. By misfortune, winning candy is a little complicated. Have that travel a great distance having a Pokemon companion, have that capture new Pokemon (being some of them very complicated), or have that Exchange them with the Professor, losing thus to the Pokemon to win candy.


However, this week, starting on Wednesday, October 26, we will achieve twice the candy. Whenever we catch a new Pokemon, instead of three candies, we will get six. In addition, when transfer one of the creatures the teacher, instead of receiving a unique candy, we will receive two, also double. And there will be something special. Case of candies we get walking distances with our Pokémon companion, rather than a unique candy, we will receive four. That means that will be the time key to get all those candy complicated of get.

This special promotion will begin on October 26, and will be available until the end of this month, so it will be a great opportunity to connect again to Pokémon GO to get all those sweets so complex.


In addition, Pokémon GO comes with an update which introduces anything new that is relatively interesting. An of them is it of that now them eggs will have a color in concrete, that us will allow know with ease how much distance there are that go to these is open. Few more news regarding this update that will include some improvements for the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet, and some bug fixes.

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