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He Xiaomi my Note 2 not come only… There will be other two releases

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 It is officially presented tomorrow, October 25. Seemed that would be the great release of Xiaomi’s this week. And Yes, it is certain that it will be. But not only come, but that there will be other two pitches in the morning event.

Not only the Xiaomi my Note 2

He Xiaomi my Note 2 not will be the only release that is will produce tomorrow, but there will be other two presentations in the event of Xiaomi that still not know. What will be? Because the truth is trying to Xiaomi it might be from a new smartphone from a different range, up to a remote control aircraft carriers. However, by how has State moving the market, there are several options that seem interesting and more or less likely. For example, recently been a kitchen robot intelligent capable of cooking eggs. If it is you who does not know nor fry a fried egg, it may be the perfect device for you.

Posible aspecto del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

On the other hand, we also talk about a smart watch. It is clear what could this be and how could not be. Android Wear? Not seem already too likely. It was said that it could be very oriented to the sport sector, and that seems more logical. And also would not be extremely cheap. We keep in mind that your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 already meets ultrabarato wearable paper to quantify data. It is now time to launch a watch of truth.

All this without forgetting some other possible releases, such as a My Xiaomi 5S in a version with 6 GB of RAM, or a new version of any of the mobile company. Also we have heard talk of the Xiaomi my 5 c. Anything is possible in a company that launches a massive mobile and variants amount of these each year.

Xiaomi my Note 2

Even so, the protagonist will remain the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, whose design we were able to confirm yesterday, with its curved screen, and that will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I would still be confirmed some feature that is not clear, as if finally will have the expected dual camera. Much had been said that if until yesterday, which was talk that finally this camera would not be present in the smartphone. It will be something that is officially confirmed tomorrow when new mobile Xiaomi great present.

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