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Google photos improves them searches including the albums

Talk about Google and search is talking about almost the same thing. If the company has been characterized by something it is by having the best Internet search. And is logical, therefore, that all its services have with a search of quality. Is the case of Google photos, that now has improved them searches in the application including those albums in the results of these.

Using more and more Google pictures

Google photos is not one Google service. It is one of their main services, because he comes to give us a very good solution to a problem that we have with smartphones and memory, and is the storage of photos. Let us note that store photos take up much space, and the more photos we have, occupy more space. When to delete them? How to delete them without losing that we want? Actually is very easy. In Google photos we can synchronize them all with compression not to lose any of those photos. Clear is, this makes that each time have more and more photos in the service, to the point of that is makes in completely impossible locate which want without using the Finder. By luck, Google always has counted with a search of quality. And now this improves even more.

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Including the albums search

We can create our own albums on Google photos. Although the app is also capable of generating these albums automatically if find a pattern in the photos, as a specific location, or an actor, like our dog or our cat. The albums are intuitive, as it is logical, but again, may we have so many that it is not easy to use them. This searches are great, but so far the albums did not appear in the search results. So far, they say, why exactly we can already find albums with the search engine. Not will be not even necessary that the title of what we are looking for appears in the title of the album, only that this have photos related with our search. For example, if we are looking for “cat”, and we have an album of the trip to the snow that went with our cat, also will be included in search results.

A more intuitive way to use this service, and that makes it ever more essential for us thanks to functions that. This new feature is available in the latest version of Google photos, and does not require an update. You can simply close it and clear the cache, which seems an improvement in the internal workings of the service search servers.

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