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News searches and notifications in the application Google (APK)

What’s new in the application are prepared Google , which is responsible for managing the searches that are made with the Android terminals if you have this service for this type of operation. Are two areas which include advances, such as notifications that sends development and, also, the aforementioned functionality settings.

The truth is that the importance of the application Google is much greater than what many believe, since it depends on the use of services such as Now and searches that are made with the phone and tablets (with, for example, the usual widget which is placed on the desktop). The case is that in the trial 6. 1 have been able to see additives that are interesting and that significantly improves the use of development.

An example is that it is possible to enable or disable when you enter terms to search now that they may be recommended in the process the trends premises that to date that appear. So, if for example is to play a game of the Spanish team, if football is written and not the mentioned option is enabled, the corresponding recommendation will not be.

Gestión de las tendencias en las búsquedas de Google

This is achieved through the use of a slider that now appears in paragraph AutoComplete Google app settings. Manage this possibility so it is really easy and intuitive.

New notifications

As Yes, added a new option to receive notifications coming from the Google application. And these are the most useful, since they appear when a search that you have in the background is completed and already have the corresponding results. This makes everything much easier and, in addition, be accessible to development directly press the card in which appears the notice.

Notificaciones en la aplicación Google

By the way, that some details of the trial version of this development already begin to perceive their own from Google Assistant which shall be that full service a Home, one of the important announcements from the company of moUntain View in his event for developers.

APK download

If you want to see for yourself the innovations that we have commented on the article, you can download the APK with trial version from this link 6.1 Google , which are available to all and which will allow you to check its usability. The installation is simple, and the file is signed by the company of Mountain View.

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