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Five ways to use Play Store as an expert

Although many do not think, the use of Play Store terminals Android is capital. Without this shop get out all the options that offer devices that use the system Google OS will not be possible, since it is where there is a greater number of developments together – and of all kinds. Therefore, exploiting all its possibilities is essential.

The basics most of the world knows it, but the truth is that there is little tricks and tips that useful result from the most when it comes to ar use to Play Store as “an expert”. We are going to give you five that allow you to customize the use and get the most out the Mountain View company store (especially if not so long ago that you use Android).

Apertura Google Play Store

By the way, none of them puts at risk the phone or tablet , nor committed any illegality… by what use it does not commit absolutely nothing and, but convince you, simply must undo the steps made so that everything returns to its previous state.

Tricks to Play Store

Here are each of the five that we have chosen and that will allow you to “exploit” which offers the Google store. In each case you will find the corresponding explanations to make use of them:

Parental control

It is possible to establish some parameters for searches that are made of Play Store applications offer the results desired for each type d e user (children are good example of this). To do this you must filter by content. This is very simple since once you’re in the store settings (access with the side menu) must use option parental controls and activates the slider. Then simply use each section to indicate the option you wish to set.

Control parental en Google Play Store

To not add icons

Normally when an application is installed is added by default a shortcut as an icon on the desktop. This sometimes is useful, but in others not worth it since it occupies a space that should not. The option is in the settings Add icon to the home screen you disable. It’s simple.

No crear iconos aplicaciones Play Store

Install applications from your computer

This is something completely possible and simply must enter this link and search the development that interests you. Once you find it and you want it to install, click the green color on the page and a window in which you can select the destination handset (i have more than one) and they are compatible with the application. There is no any complications. The process on the phone or tablet then starts automatically.

Instalar aplicaciones desde ordenador Play Store

Ask for a refund

This is something that has improved a lot since that Play Store is available. If you don’t like an application that you just bought, it is possible to ask for money back you (last time that does not exceed the 48 hours). The case is that in the history section of orders on accounts. Now, if in time you must use refund and begins the process, which includes uninstall.

Reembolso de pago en Play Store

You can access the Indie Corner

This is something that some unknown, but there is a section to find games from independent developers and small companies. This is the link, and the truth is that there are of the most curious creations. It is worth to take a “stroll” by the Indie Corner of the Play Store.

Indie corner en la tienda Play Store

Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where to find them the most striking possibilities.

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