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With Swiftly switch adds a menu side style Edge to your Android

Edge of Samsung devices offers a very attractive design due to the inclusion of curvature on the sides of your screen. But, in addition, we also offer a tool that opens a sidebar in this place and that allows to use the most common applications. As well, if you want to have this last functionality, you can get it with the application Swiftly switch.

This development allows you to add a pop-up menu on the selected handsets Android screen side, although it is not curvature on the panel. And thus have a specific space to make use of the development most commonly used quickly and without having to search your desktop into the drawer of applications. And all of this, thanks to Swiftly switch which is very simple of use.

Thus, for example, might open the Chrome browser by clicking the corresponding icon appears between the available six that are seen on the side, unlike the characteristic of Edge models which is vertical, in this case they arranged on Crescent. An interesting detail is that deploying it is as simple as making the drag gesture in side (towards the center of the screen).

Interfaz de Swiftly switch

Additional functions

Apart from the option that we have commented the menu popup showing six applications used or open (which allows to improve the use of multitasking the Android), Swiftly switch you have other options having to do with gestures in many cases. For example, you can access a so-called space favourite in which are set up to 30 different options – ranging from developments to contacts-open hold on the icon of the work that we are talking about in the drop down menu.

Uso de Swiftly switch en un tablet

Other possibilities are the starting, as for example deploying notifications dragging down toe in Swiftly, or switch the active window is closed and doing the same thing but diagonally upwards. The configuration of these possibilities is full, by what we speak of a powerful and customizable job.

Download of Swiftly switch

Download this application costs absolutely nothing in the store Play Store – link after this paragraph- and compatibility work is not especially demanding since have of Android 4.4 or higher and 8 MB can be used Swiftly switch without problems. An interesting option that adds usability to the screens of phones or tablets. Other developments for Google’s operating system you can find in this section of Android support.

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