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The Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the last flagship with fingerprint reader

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a mobile phone that will play a very important role within Samsung. The mobile will highlight to end the physical Home button that has characterized both the mobile company. But we know that it could also be the last ship logo on count with fingerprint reader.

The latter with fingerprint reader

The latest news reaching us from the Samsung Galaxy S8 surprise. Although they do not actually have so much to do with the mobile phone to be released in April as with the flagships of Samsung that be launch after this. And it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be already the last great mobile to have a fingerprint reader.

It is somewhat relevant. The fingerprint reader is going to suffer a very remarkable change in the Samsung Galaxy S8. As he has wanted to reduce the size of the bevel, the Home button on the front panel is removed, and this fingerprint reader has also disappeared. This happened to be located in the rear section of the mobile, next to the camera.

However, plans for the future in the flagships are to make it disappear.

In principle, the fingerprint reader has a primordial role, as it is one of the ways to faster identify and be able to make payments from your mobile.

Would solve this Samsung with the flagships of the next few years? Maybe in a simple way. Other two identification systems will be integrated. We will have facial recognition and iris recognition. These two systems would be more comprehensive than the fingerprint reader. Technologies have progressed more and more and it is possible to use these systems in a practical and quick way.

Thus, it is possible that Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or failing that the Samsung Galaxy S9, already ignore the reader of fingerprint to use any of the other systems of identification, facial recognition or iris reader.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 article would be the last ship badge with fingerprint reader was published in AndroidAyuda.

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