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Meizu will point to the world of intelligent watches with your own

It seems that we will already be very few technology companies without throwing your own smart watch. And it is that Meizu, one of the few remaining, could also launch its new intelligent clock very soon. Already have been seen even this smartwatch photographs that would be submitted on 10 August. It would be a simpler Smart Watch, and without Android Wear.

Meizu clock

A priori, by photographs of clock Meizu we can see, it will be a watch that looks like any classic watch, or any circular clock market. However, apart from this, we still encounter a smartwatch which will be rather Basic. We know that it will feature a Rockchip processor of a not-very-high level. Nor is that a performance of the highest quality in a smart watch necessary, but in addition it seems that it will not have Android Wear as an operating system, so it will not require great performance in it comes to your processor.

Meizu Reloj

That Yes, will continue counting with interchangeable straps and customizable wallpapers. We assume that the main advantage of the intelligent clock will be to serve as a watch for notifications, the style of watches that do not have Android Wear. Today, in fact, there is a big difference between these and with Android Wear watches. Well Yes, there are two, one of them is the price, since these are usually much more economical, and that would be one of the advantages of Meizu clock. The other is perhaps in the future not have as many features as the clocks with Android Wear. However, they spend generations of watches with Android Wear and give us account that the previous generations are forgotten, so it does not have much logic thinking that an investment in a watch with Android Wear is more cost effective than purchasing one of these clocks of Meizu. Whatever it is, will be August 10 when the technical characteristics of this brand new watch intelligent, if it is that it is finally launched, will be confirmed and the price that will have, as well as if there will be any way to acquire it from Spain.

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