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Is it still the Apple of China Xiaomi?

Xiaomi has gone through different phases throughout its history. The company at the time seemed to be able to reach to Samsung and Apple sales. Today, that seems impossible. However, is a much larger company which makes years. Is it still the Apple of China Xiaomi?

Xiaomi and its future

It is undoubted that Xiaomi is a company that has been inspired by many others. We have clear influence of Apple in the first smartphone from the company. In fact, it could almost be considered clones in some cases of the Cupertino smartphones. They can not be released yet in Europe and the United States by patent issues. And they still have problems to launch their mobile here. It has so much to do with the design of the mobile as with the fact that Xiaomi is a company relatively new. That means something, they do not have a portfolio of patents that stand up to the portfolios of patents from companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei. If Xiaomi wanted to launch their mobile in Europe, it should reach agreements with companies that share its patents. For this, their prices would have to rise, and its success would no longer be the same. Xiaomi works to launch their mobile with the price you currently have, but on our continent. It won’t be easy for Xiaomi to achieve that. And hence its braking in the table of manufacturers more mobile sold. OPPO and live have surpassed Xiaomi, and Huawei is already very far from its rival in China.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro

Xiaomi, a company with its own personality

Even so, Xiaomi remains a company with its own personality. Perhaps, all Chinese companies, it remains that more level has on their smartphones and their products in general terms. Maybe we can see some smartphone that outdoes the Xiaomi, as Huawei P9, for example, but even so, Xiaomi meets in quality in all its products, from their smartphones to your headphones or external batteries. From the cheapest to the most expensive, are always exactly what we expect, and even a little more. In that, in launching great products, it is still looking to Apple. But the company has diversified far, throws many different products, and in that look more to Samsung.

Xiaomi has lost some potential with respect to what looked like it would be the company. Perhaps aspired to become rival Samsung and Apple, but it will not be, at least not yet. And in any case, it never reach the level of Samsung. His way of working, its philosophy, fits more with the Apple. And in fact, we found a perfect match in the Chinese market and the international market. Huawei and Xiaomi are Samsung and Apple. And their numbers will be similar. We’ll see if between now and some time we do not see how the Chinese market just dominating the international brands such as Samsung and Apple end up falling, and brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi atop most smartphones sales tables, see smartwatches, or whatever it is that the time it is sold.

At the time, China seemed the ideal place in which manufacture smartphones. Designed in California, but manufactured, or “assemblies” in China. Not have taken long to be aware that if they had the ability to manufacture them, also sell them, and for much less money than Americans. Huawei and Xiaomi has been a revolution in the market in different ways. And in the future will have a much more central role. Huawei already has it, Xiaomi seems to have lost, but will probably retrieve it and we will see a very strong in the world of technology company.

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