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A Nexus will be metal, and other plastic and metal

We already knew that Google was going to launch two Nexus this year, as was the case last year. Two smartphones that again will offer different options to users, a more expensive and more premium and more economical. However, it was said that this year the two mobile phones could be similar, something also logical since they would have the same manufacturer HTC. We now know that there is an essential difference between the two smartphones, and will reside in the construction of the two mobile phones.

One metal, plastic and metal

Basically, the two mobile phones will be similar, and could in fact almost have the same design in appearance. This makes little sense if we take into account that HTC mobile phones are already on its similarities between them, and that we will not see many developments in these Nexus. However, it will be a difference with respect to the materials of construction of both smartphones. One of them, the more premium and more level of the two, will feature a metal construction, while the other will feature a plastic and metal construction. That means that probably will be a rear plastic housing, but with a metal frame, which will bring a better finish to your Smartphone, but not in both the Nexus of high-end level.

Nexus 6P Dorado

In fact, we can say that while one will be equivalent to 10 HTC, the other will be the equivalent to the HTC Desire family. Obviously, this also will happen in regard to the technical characteristics of the two mobile phones and, of course, its price, which will be one of the key differences between these two smartphones.

Thus, although even it is not clear when the two Nexus will be launched, we already started to have clear some of these features. One metal, and other plastic and metal. You will have to go waiting for more data from these Nexus.

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