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It is still a noob at Pokémon GO and pass to the next level

Yes OK, I know that you play Pokémon GO. All over the world play this game. And Yes, I also play this game. I played the early games, and I saw the series of drawings, they were of my generation. But it is time that you stop play to capture Pokémon and pass to the next level.

You stop to search for Pokémon to search

“What is that Pokémon GO?”, asked just before the game, someone, usually younger, explain of what and what has to do with augmented reality. That of going on the real Street and appearing Pokemon has his grace. That capture them also, and are different mola. They have names that users of this type, do not know. In fact, hear pronunciations that are almost laughing to which they already know these creatures from a long time. It is curious to hear how someone is surprised because it has appeared a Slowpoke, for example, as if it were something truly remarkable. If this is your case, that you emotions when a Pokemon that you didn’t have, Yes, you are a noob.

Pokémon GO

How to move to the next level

You have to stop being a noob to pass to the next level in the game. Pokemon GO not is created to capture them to all, but to formes part of a team that dominate them different gymnasiums of the city. For that, you need Pokemon with a level of very high COP. To get Pokemon with a CP very high you need to evolve the Pokemon or give them more power. In both cases you will need candies for each one of these creatures. These candies are available to capture each of these Pokémon or to transfer what you are unnecessary to the professor. So, rather than go capturing different Pokemon, perhaps it is more interesting that you focus on a few, captures many of the same type, make them evolve, and then use the “give more”, to give them more power. Of course, for this OS “Polvoestelar”, and this is achieved again capturing Pokémon and climbing levels. However, now you have more clear what you need.

Have it as objective: Pokemon of high level of CP, by means of the candies of each one of those Pokemon, evolving them, and with Polvoestelar.

By going to gyms

Now it is the turn of going to a gym. First of all, if you want to conquer a gym, you will have to weaken it. Each gym can be of a different level, depending on the amount of Pokemon that has, and the level of these. If you have a Pokémon’s level 800, and all that there is to exceed the 900 level, forget it. Attack group, if you have friends who can go making attacks to the gym right after that you may be another option. The idea is to remove her prestige to the gym and level, eliminated the Pokemon that there is. Once weakened all the Pokemon, you can conquer with your Pokémon and leave there any yours.

That Yes, keep something in mind. It has to be a powerful Pokemon, because it will have to withstand attacks of other teams and other coaches. The idea is also that someone else on your team also leave Pokemon there, so this gym to resist attacks.

How to overcome in a gym?

I wish I Pokémon GO out more complex than it is, with the original Pokemon games attack systems, but not. Basically, you can do several things in a Pokémon Battle. Scroll down to the side, something that you need to do to prevent attacks, and then attack on the contrary, something that you get when you click on it. If instead of pressing once, you do a long press, it will be one of the special attacks of this Pokémon.

There are advantages to all types

The last trick that I’m going to give so that you’re not a noob is that there are different advantages among the types of Pokémon and attacks. Some are logic and other not so logical. For example, attacks or water against fire type Pokemon are very effective. While Conversely it is upside down. The fire on the Pokemon’s type plant is effective, unlike water. Logical, no? To fight air Pokemon, an electric-type Pokémon will be great. But keep in mind that there are Pokemon with different types, and you must have an in-depth knowledge of all types that exist and the relationships among them.

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