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Officially confirmed the arrival of the V20 LG with Android 7.0

Had been rumored for weeks that the LG V20 would be a real model and that, therefore, the range of phablets with secondary display would not sit only in a model. Anyway, that shape official has confirmed the arrival in the market of this device and will do so with the most modern existing Android version when it is placed on the market.

And what is this? Well specifically Android 7 (Nougat), as I have said the new iteration of the work of Google will be official this month of August – at the end, specifically. Therefore, LG V20 already comes with an option that will make you to be attractive addition to keep the mentioned secondary display on which information can be seen as the most important notifications or data on the operation of the terminal. With this movement, the company Asian seeks to improve its position in the market where the figures that has retrieved not are especially good.

LG V10

LG definitely sinks in a market dominated by Chinese, Samsung and Apple

Arrival to the market of the LG V20

Is much closer to what one would expect. Initially it was thought that his landing would occur at the end of the year 2016, but finally the manufacturer will make it official the coming month, so to return from the vacation all the “secrets” that will hide the device may be known. In addition, and as the company itself has indicated, will come with important developments in relation to the multimedia options offering.

Staying as a phablet, the new device appears quer that will keep its 5.7-inch display and remains to be seen if the secondary top increases as 2.1 offering (and if the light leakage problems are solved). In addition, everything points to will be the processor that will integrate a Snapdragon 820 and that the RAM will rise to 4 GB, so it is a model that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, although it remains to be seen if he is able to confront.


Case is that everything seems to indicate that this manufacturer seeks to respond from two lines of range high well differentiated , to thus cover a broad segment of the market as they do many others that offer models with Android devices. By the way, will have to watch to see what it takes to get Android 7.0 to current models LG G5 and V10 – manufacturer, thus matching the LG V20.

The article is officially confirmed the arrival of the V20 LG with Android 7.0 was released in AndroidAyuda.

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