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In the selfies salts more ugly that in a photo normal, by the face of duck

The selfies are fashion, isn’t it? Well, in reality for years. But the truth is that in a selfie out more ugly that in a conventional picture, or at least we leave less conventional, less real. Basically, to blame something that we pruned to define as face of duck.

In short, the face of duck

They are three reasons, but they can be summed up simply in one. Duck face. And it is that you believe your phone, or rather the camera of your mobile, it is capable of capturing reality. But it is not so. The camera of your mobile phone cannot grasp the reality. It captures an image in the plane parallel to the sensor. Depending on the distance to which we catch the photo, the mobile will capture our face in one way or another. And one of the big problems is that the selfies captured them from so close and with so little angle, which exaggerated the appearance of our nose, our mouth, our eyes, and our front. In addition, it contrasts much with the size of our ears, or the elements that appear in the background.

Selfie Icono

This is a problem that is also relatively exaggerated with the “improvements” in front cameras. Cameras with larger angular front unit, whose goal is to achieve a selfie in which to fit more people, but has a problem, and that when we capture a selfie which appear only us, if we want to take the first plane deformation will be really remarkable.


If you can, avoid them selfies. Ideally, that someone capture the photo for you and use the main camera. If it is not possible, everything you can to avoid that effect produced by the angle away the camera. Farther away are less perceptible it will be, and more natural you will appear in the image. Of course, if you have enough knowledge, you can precisely you’re looking get a certain effect exaggerating certain elements of your face to compensate them if you think you have an unbalanced face, although here already enter the naturalness that everyone seeks.

The article on the selfies sales more disgraceful that in a normal photo, the face of duck was published in AndroidAyuda.

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