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Hill Climb Racing 2, the sequel of a great game of car multiplayer

Although they are games reach Google Play Store, more and more quality, the truth is that when one gets to be very successful among users, always get new versions of the same, and the case of Hill Climb Racing 2, the sequel to the popular game, based on physical, in which our goal was to arrive at the end of each level with our car. On this occasion, it reaches even the multiplayer game.

Hill Climb Racing 2

The idea of the game is still the same. We’ll take a car with which we will have to climb a hill. We will have different settings, with different obstacles to overcome, to reach the goal in each level. Obviously, you must have ability to accelerate and slow down at the times indicated so as to be able to ascend and take the car to the end. That itself, as is logical in any sequel, us find with some graphics improved, adapted to the mobile of new generation. Although it must be said that game can also run perfectly on most basic smartphones, reducing their requirements to facilitate the good performance in mobile said. A fun car game, contrast with other games of great quality such as Gear.Club, due to its simplicity in spite of being based on the same theme.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Mulijugador and personalization

Perhaps the main novelties of Hill Climb Racing 2 in this new version come by two bands. The first of them has that see with the customization, and is that now can modify many aspects in the vehicle, both of the outside of the same, as of elements that affect to the performance of the car, such as the engine, them wheels, etc, and that will make that their behavior can vary.

In addition to this, we also now have a multiplayer mode that we participate in races with users from all over the world for being the first to reach the goal in these challenges with multiple players.

WP-Appbox: Hill Climb Racing 2 (+Free, Google Play) →

Hill Climb Racing 2 already is available in Google Play as a game free, although includes shopping in-app, as today is common in all those games, for unlock more quickly each one of the components with which improve and customize the car.

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