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The Honor 8 will come in color pink to Europe

If something noteworthy Honor 8 it is for being one of the smartphones with best design on the market, thanks to its rear glass casing, and its electric blue finish. However, now will come also to Europe in a version of color pink that will be ideal for a mobile with a design excellent.

Honor 8 in pink

On a phone that stands out precisely because of its great design, the arrival of a new color can become something really remarkable, especially taking into account that the mobile was already among the smartphones with best value for money on the market. In this case, also, is is of a color that called much the attention, although will be divided mainly to the market women, because is is of an edition in color pink. The Honor 8 in color pink only will come to officially to Europe, according to has confirmed her own company. We still don’t know what will be the date of official availability or not the final price. However, we can expect that the mobile not cost more that the other versions of the 8 Honor, so it is at 400 euros as recommended retail price. And its launch will occur before the end of this year, because the promotion of the smartphone Honor speaks if will be the best version of the 2016, which makes it clear a launch before the end of the month of December.

Honor 8 Rosa

Great design, great performance, dual camera

The Honor 8 is a smartphone of high level. Although its price is considerably cheaper than rivals of the same characteristics, as it costs 400 euros compared to the 800 euros to which we can find the big mobile market, it is still a mobile that has nothing to envy to these. It includes a high-level Huawei Kirin 950 processor. In addition, his memory is the RAM to 4 GB, so it has great performance.

Not us forget nor of its camera dual with two sensors of 12 megapixel that us remembers much to the camera with technology Leica of the Huawei P9. And now we have that add you the finish in color pink with which will come to Europe very soon. A great choice for those who want to make a very nice gift, great quality, and with a hardly improved quality/price ratio.

The Honor 8 item will arrive in color pink to Europe was published in AndroidAyuda.

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