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After the Galaxy S7, the H1 telephone clones to Honor 8

Telephone is specialized in a remarkable way in clone smartphones. We have already seen with the previous telephone S7. It is not a clone of itself, but a clearly inspired by the flagship of the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile. The new Telephone H1 will now be a clone inspired in Honor 8.

Telephone H1, inspired in Honor 8

If something is the second brand of Huawei mobile, it is precisely because of its design, and just today we talked about the arrival Honor 8 in pink in a new version which only changes the color. Well, this is the smartphone that has used telephone for inspiration when designing the new Telephone H1, a phone that looks like a lot of Huawei, but which will be significantly cheaper, and more basic. The first thing that is striking when we see this smart phone is the design that has a rear housing of glass, and Black, with a very characteristic Sheen that anyone who has seen a 8 Honor will recognize. In addition to that, we see that the smartphone lacks dual camera, which will be a difference clear with regard to the mobile phone on which it is based, but also has a reason, and that the mobile will be much cheaper.

Elephone H1

The display of the Telephone H1 is five inches, being somewhat smaller than the one of honour 8, with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, also less clear, something logical and expected. That Yes, its finish is 2. 5 d by the glass which has. On its design, should end up highlighting the metal framework that already gives us an almost precise design to Honor 8.

In the case of the Telephone H1 we also see the fingerprint reader in the rear section of the mobile, in the Centre, so you have to use your index finger to unlock the screen, like the motive of honour.

From here, already that we have very different characteristics, typical of a mobile telephone, as it is the case of the MediaTek MT6580processor, or 13 megapixel which will have camera. A mobile phone very interesting, highlighting especially for its design, which will still have to confirm their technical specifications when you present it, as well as its price, although it seems that it could be at 200 euros. It will be presented in the coming weeks, before the end of the year.

The article after the Galaxy S7, the H1 telephone clones to Honor 8 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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