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Google Play Music reminds you of songs you’ve heard recently

Google Play Music is one of the best alternatives to Spotify on your Android phone. It gives you tools to listen your favorite music even if you have not activated data. It is also able to detect, with your permission, up to a total of 50,000 songs from your computer and play them in streaming. But if you’re that uses its subscription service now have a tab called récents that recalls the songs you’ve heard recently.

So recent

When you have all the music in the world on your mobile little matter what sound from your headphones. Everything is as simple as choosing a genre, artist or playlist and press the play button. But on occasion he has sounded a song you don’t know and you have had to stop to write down it on your list of Google Keep with cations earrings to add to your favorite playlist.

Now this process will be much easier. Google Play Music has enabled a new tab called recent which will remind you of songs you’ve heard recently. In chronological order will appear all audio from your favorite or new artists, but also will do so all the songs you play offline. The list will be as extensive as you want, especially if you are a frequent user of the app from Google.

Ordering application

Section récents that will remind you of songs you listen to will be integrated into the new version of Google Play Music. Previously, this option was already within the tab ‘Listen now’ and served as an additional playlist built with the last songs played. In this way you could listen in order or randomly those songs that you both liked.

The music in the big G streaming service still left many details that Polish. In this patch, which corresponds to the numbering 7.4, attempted to differentiate the recommendations and news from the songs that you’ve already gone. Also added new animations to the play button, although users who would like to know what their favorite songs still make a question: when come the lyrics of the songs?.
While waiting, sure that don’t mind singing while they use Google Play Music with Runtastic or seek the videoclip for the song that just sound with Music Mate.

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