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The new Nokia 3310 will not be an Android phone

Hundreds of Android smartphones can do everything, and this year one of the models which will certainly command more flashes is the anticipated return of the Nokia 3310, a ‘brick’ that old school between the nostalgia factor and the desire to do away with the dozens of daily notifications that come to mobile security that beats strong, especially for the price. But one thing, it seems that in the end it will not use Android. We return to the symbian, Nokia?

The power of Nostalgia

Released just at the dawn of the new century, the Nokia 3310 came to market in the year 2000 to continue the success of the 3210, the first mobile to the Finnish brand marketed directly towards a younger audience. And if he did, because this ‘brick’ as you were called when the phones began to be smaller – who has seen 15 years ago and who now sees us with 6 inch-phablets was a real BOOM in sales around the world, being the guy more popular features such as the Snake II game or the SMS mode allowing you to send messages three times longer – time WhatsApp in which each message cost money.

Uno de los teléfonos más resistentes de la historia está de vuelta
With its ‘green’ 84 × 84 monochrome screen and its prehistoric operating system, the 3310 falls squarely in the category ‘dumbphone’ or silly phone thus baptized when the Smartphone or smart phones came to the market. But surely it is surprising I know that 20% of mobile phones sold in the world are ‘dumbphones’ for people who do not want to complicate life and only call or send an occasional message. It is precisely for this sector for which Nokia relaunched one of his most legendary creations. And to be expected, because the desire to touch him in the MWC and have an instant ‘trhowback’ to the past to get around its physical keyboard are total.

It will not be Android

As you know, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will start this Sunday and one of the events of the day is precisely that of Nokia, which will present three smartphones Android and the modernized Nokia 3310, which today we have known new data filtered by a font that already revealed the return of the terminal. And the first thing that has ensured is that contrary to what many rumors say, the new Nokia 3310 it will not be an Android phone. Neither account under which system will operate, but it is possible to mount some kind of Symbian emulated or similar if you don’t have an Android OS to support it.

Diseño conceptual del nuevo Nokia 3310
To be more in keeping with the times, the current version will keep the design database although according to the source, it will be lighter and more slender than the original, as well as be able to adjust the size of the keys. The screen size will be somewhat higher, but not too nor will greatly increase the resolution. The phone will come in various colors, black, blue, grey, green, red and yellow, and the price shall be EUR 59. Although what remains a mystery is if the battery will be fixed or we will remove it.

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