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You can now find your Drive files from Google search

While it is possible to remove the search bar characteristic that we have in our Mobile Android, the truth is that many of us are sure that we have it active, or at least know it. Now the Google search from our Android smartphone includes a novelty, and is that we can easily locate also the files that we have in the cloud at Google Drive.

Google search

The Google search is one of the functions that become active in our Mobile Android. We can find from the browser itself, by going to the search engine, but also from the application from Google that comes installed on almost all mobile phones with Android. This application also has integration into many launchers through a search bar that appears on the main desktop. It is also present in Google Now, and Google Assistant, so the Google search in our mobile integration is total.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Now, this Google search on our smartphone is going to the next level, giving us the option to find our Google Drive files when performing a search. If we have files in the cloud, we don’t have to go to Google Drive to locate them, but simply we can go to the search bar, write the name of file that we record√°ramos had, and in that way that we appear among the search results.¬†Simplifies us the work, save us having to go to Google Drive to search for the file in particular, in such a way that we can dispense with one of the steps that we had to give.

This new feature will land over the next few days. We assume that it will be a new feature that will not require the update of the applications, but it will be a new feature that will be enabled by servers. Finally and after all, this function must be integrated in applications long waiting for activation.

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