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Google Announces Android Add-ons for Docs and Sheets

Add-ons, additives, Google Docs, Google Sheets already existed, but for desktop, not for the mobile versions versions. However, are increasingly more users who use these services from your smartphone, including professional users. And that is why Google has announced the arrival of Add-ons to Google Docs and Google Sheets for Android.

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Them add-ons land also in them versions mobile of the suite office of Google to add functions that already were available in the versions of desktop, but that still not is could use in Android. Thanks to this, users, mainly professionals, may work in mobility have many more options. Between Add-ons that have arrived and that you may download, we find the following.

Google Docs

  • DocuSign: Its name explains it. Used to sign documents that are essential to our work, and requiring a signature or certification.
  • ProsperWorks: With this plugin can import CRM databases to Google Sheets to create tables and charts more easily and have the updated.
  • AppSheet: Without any programming skills we will be able to create mobile apps from Google Sheets sheets with this add-on.
  • ScanBot: This plugin allows you to scan documents in text with integrated OCR to transfer it to a Google Docs file.

However, these are only some of them add-ons that already are available in Google Play for Google Docs and Google Sheets for Android, and probably only some of which will be arriving with the time.

In Google Play, there is a specific section for Add-ons of Google Docs and Google Sheets for Mobile Android making it really simple to find all these add-ins in the Google apps store.

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