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LG definitely sinks in a market dominated by Chinese, Samsung and Apple

Become the data of the cast of the market of them smartphones in the second quarter of this year 2016, and it true is that are data that not can pass by high. We cannot for various reasons. It follows the trend of Samsung and Apple as dominate the market, with a growing Huawei that increasingly seems most able to dispute them with the post. Chinese companies come to stay in the Top 5, and brands such as LG sink almost permanently.

Samsung and Apple are still up

Does not seem a surprise that the two companies that dominate the market remain the same two that have done a quarter after quarter. Has been changes in the rest of the market along the years, but not between the two companies that more sold. Samsung and Apple are still being that more smartphones have been sold in the second quarter. Samsung has had three particularly interesting months with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which has greatly benefited the company. Apple has lost something of share, certainly, although still retaining the second since. However, in this case already threatened serious by Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5

Huawei aspires to head

Seemed that Huawei was as only a new Xiaomi, a new company that came to the Top 5 to then disappear, and appear again, and be always there but never get to compete with the giant. However, has demonstrated being in a level superior to its rival. In fact, it can be considered already the third giant of the market. Nothing of Microsoft with their Lumia, nothing of Xiaomi, anything from Nokia. Huawei is the company that has got reach a share of almost a 10%, threatening to the near the 15% that is Apple. Are numbers that already promise and much, and that should make fear to them of Cupertino. Although it is true that while Huawei has recently launched smartphone, Big Apple launch will occur in the second half of the year, and hence will win back some margin, but what there is not doubt any is that Huawei is established as the third company that sells more mobile.

Huawei P9

OPPO and live are still in the Top 5

Another surprise comes starring OPPO and live. In the last analysis of the previous quarter, appeared two companies in the Top 5. However, it was not clear if it was temporary, or if really they had a future here. Now, with the figures for the second quarter in hand, it is clear who come to stay. OPPO and live still in the Top 5, by what is left outside companies of the carving of Xiaomi, LG or Sony.


LG stars in the great fall

Although perhaps the worst part is it has LG. Yes it is true that Sony and HTC had suffered falls in sales of companies, but had never competed with the larger. They had their market, very specific one, and never had been trying to fight with the Giants, something it had tried LG. But the fall of the company’s total. Only the middle range gets saved, and can hardly compete in years to come with Chinese brands and the mobile Huawei and Lenovo, for example. In the range high, difficult it is to compete with Apple and Samsung, but even they have to compete with the die-hard Sony and HTC, who still see in these companies the mobile high-end ideals. In this frame of mind, LG takes the brunt of this second quarter, starring in a not-so-expected fall, and going to a strip on the market not very beneficial for them. They aspired to more, and it does not seem that the future holds them nothing better than they now have. All is changing, and so only Samsung and Apple-among them historical-aspire to remain in that Top 5 in the coming quarters.

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